Larimer, East Liberty Gardens and the surrounding communities are in the midst of a positive transformation, one that is happening from the inside out and the ground up. Without a doubt, good things are happening, and there is a buzz in and about our community. If you’d like to get involved, please e-mail us at LarimerVisionToAction@jacksonclark.net

Now Hiring!
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist
The Larimer Consensus Group is currently seeking a Neighborhood Improvement Specialist. The Neighborhood Improvement Specialist is accountable to the Larimer Consensus Group board of directors and advocates on behalf of the residents of the Larimer neighborhood through the lens of sustainable community development, social justice, economic equity and environmental responsibility.
Read more about the position here:


Choice Neighborhoods Implentation Grant Award

We are very happy to say that on Monday June 30, 2014 it was announced that Larimer is the recipient of one of four $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The announcement was made at the Kingsley Association with Larimer Consensus Group members, local politicians and other partners in attendance to receive the good news. The grant will help construct housing that helps advance the Larimer Vision Plan, the neighborhood’s plan for a green sustainable future. Read more about the Larimer Vision Plan here. Sign up for the Larimer Consensus Group newsletter and come to monthly neighborhood meetings to stay informed about activities in Larimer.


WHAT’S HAPPENING? Larimer residents, business owners, property owners and community members are creating change, working together to create a community we all love and can be a part of for generations to come. We’re planning by getting ready for our future in ways that put the community in charge of what happens here We’re getting educated about how development & community change work We’re growing leaders from within our community and investing in their future We’re creating projects that make a difference now like the community garden & EECO Center We’re building relationships and attracting resources including the people and $ necessary to make long-term change a reality What’s with all the planning? Transforming a community takes time, especially when you’re dedicated to change that comes from within. There is a process involved in moving forward, with each step building on the previous.

>> Take our Community Civic SurveyCLICK HERE to access the survey. <<<

Didn’t get a chance to answer the survey in our community survey camper? You can still make your voice heard by following the above link to the Larimer Survey.



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