Action Team Meeting Notes – June 5

The Work & Wellness Action Team conducted its first team meeting on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at the offices of East Liberty Concerned Citizens Corp. The following are meeting notes compiled by our facilitator, Crystal Sumpter.

Larimer Work & Wellness Team

Chair: Tiffany Tansmore Rodriguez

Co-Chair: Anita Wilcox

Facilitator: Crystal S. Sumpter

Next Meeting – June 12, 2008, 6:00pm @ ELCCC Offices, 401 Paulson Avenue

June 5th Meeting Notes


  • Job Fair education and development.

  • Labor Union Apprentice Program

    • Talking with Bernie and members of the Labor Union to establish a partnership.

  • Grants and Proposals

    • Weed & Seed

Project Ideas

  • Creating a questionnaire to assess the needs of the Larimer community

    • Focusing on all ages

    • Incorporating wellness

  • Compiling a list of contacts and organizations that may aid in this effort

  • Selecting realistic sites to disperse these questionnaires

    • YMCA, YWCA, Giant Eagle, Homewood Library, ELCCC, Churches within the community, etc.

    • Doing a mailing to reinforce our efforts

Action Items

  • Bring at least 5 questions to the next meeting revolving around work as well as wellness.

  • Think of people that may be interested in volunteering for our committee.

  • Inquire about Weed & Seed monies.

  • Bring information on grants and proposals, and all other expertise for that matter.

  • Selecting a meeting time and location that suits all members of the action team.


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