June 5 Action Team Meetings

The One Voice Action Team held its first meeting on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at Marcus Studios. Notes were compiled by facilitator Brandon Davis.

Larimer One Voice Team

Chair: Ernest Ruffin

Co-Chair: Bill James

Facilitator: Brandon Davis

Next Meeting – June 19, 2008, 6:00pm @ Marcus Studios, 6545 Hamilton Ave.

June 5th Meeting Notes

In attendance

  • Bill James, Co-Chair, Helen Vendemio, Sandra Thompson, Brandon Davis.

  • We started off the meeting trying to reach consensus on One Voice’s mission. Together we agreed on the explanation provided on the handouts from the 5/29 meeting.

  • With that we considered reaching out to other CDCs (ELDI, Bloomfield-Garfield, Lawrenceville, etc.) to request their assistance. We agreed that this might be better achieved at a higher level, i.e. the overall Larimer Team, but that OneVoice could possibly communicate to these organizations our efforts. By showing them that there are people in the community committed to change this would possibly entice them to more readily offer their assistance.

  • We also threw around the idea of creating a press release to market the community from the standpoint of being in close proximity to other major developments (Bakery Square, Eastside, Trader Joe’s, etc.) and thus Larimer being primed to host the next great development to emerge in the East End. From this standpoint we would remain in constant contact with Dianna Nelson-Jones form the Post Gazette.

  • As far as reaching consensus on one project for our team to tackle, we agreed upon a community newsletter. Bill agreed to email correspondence to other Larimer businesses who may not know of the ongoing planning process and as residents of the community, Helen, Sandra, and I agreed to provide correspondence to the residents (i.e. Newsletter).

  • Our next meeting will be held June 19, 2008 at 6 pm at Marcus Studios.


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