June 5 Action Team Meetings

The Redd Up Action Team held its first meeting on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at ELCCC offices at 401 Paulson Avenue. Notes were compiled by facilitator Erin Deasy.

Larimer Redd Up Team

Co-Chairs: Deborah Miller, Eric Miller, Kevin B. Wells

Facilitators: Pat Clark, Erin Deasy

Next meeting – June 12, 2008, 6:00pm @ ELCCC Offices, 401 Paulson Avenue

June 5th Meeting Notes

Things we want to look into:

  • Properties on Lenora street owned by the URA. What do they intend to do with these properties?

  • The ‘For Sale’ sign Mr. Dixon saw on the side lot that he is interested in purchasing. Why put this sign there, and why?

  • Ways for us to pay the neighborhood children to help clean up the neighborhood. What options exist? What steps are necessary for us to access funding?

  • Who should we contact about properties – which phone numbers at the URA or the city should we have.

Mr. Clark read over the Action Team Guidelines. The team discussed and agreed to each guideline.

Immediate Project:

  • Saturday June 7th team members who are available will gather at the corner of Winslow and Winfield streets to clean up the two lots. Ms. Carroll will provide some equipment.

Goals for next meeting (Thursday June 12):

    1. Have the ‘Winslow Lot Project’ completed.

    2. Identify a lot in your immediate vicinity and clean it. Make sure to notify your neighbors, and try to get them to join you.

    3. Identify lots which need to be cleaned near you, but are too overgrown for your equipment. Bring these addresses to the next meeting so that we can identify the owners and who to contact about cleaning these lots (private owners? The city? The URA?).

    4. Identify ‘trouble’ properties for us to focus on in the future. Lots which are highly visible in high profile area.

    5. Develop a contact list to be disseminated to the group so we can keep in touch

  • OUTCOMES – Item 1 Winslow lot cleanup

Action Team clean-up of the vacant lot that was the site of the June 12, 2007 house fire tragedy that cost the lives of five young children.


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