Larimer Action Teams – Celebrate

Larimer Celebrate Team

Chair: Naseera Keen

Facilitator: Pat Clark

Next meeting – June 25, 2008, 6:00pm @ ELCCC Offices, 401 Paulson Avenue

June 11th Meeting Notes


  • Run events to celebrate Larimer community

    • Solicit funds/resources to support team efforts

  • Support other community events

    • Omega Men Picnic – June 28, 2008

    • 6th Mt. Zion Community Car Wash – July 17, 2008???

    • Mt. Ararat Picnic – July 27, 2008

  • Create flyers to recruit more volunteers for Team Celebrate

    • Have ready by July 10th All-Team meeting

Proposed Projects

  • Hold an event to help students with back to school clothes and supplies

  • Hold a community event around National Night Out in August

  • Recruit volunteers for Team Celebrate at other community events

    • Picnics, car wash, etc.

  • Throw event to celebrate each action team’s accomplishments over the summer

    • Event to be held late summer/early fall after National Night Out event

Next Steps

  • Mr. Coles was to contact Omega Psi Phi about possible collaboration with Omega Men

  • Ms. Carroll will draft a letter so that Team Celebrate can begin to solicit donations

  • Draft recruitment flyer

  • Determine community events for National Night Out

    • Solicit Hill House for light bulbs

    • Publicize public safety – reach out to Cmdr. Ross (Zone 5) for public safety literature and Chief Jones(Fire Bureau) for fire safety tips

  • Set date for Action Team celebration event


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