Larimer Action Teams – Redd Up

Larimer Redd Up Team

Co-Chairs: Deborah Miller, Eric Miller, Kevin B. Wells

Facilitators: Erin Deasy

Next meeting, combined Action Teams – July 10, 2008, 6:00pm @ ELCCC Offices, 401 Paulson Avenue

June 19th Meeting Notes

Meeting-green/red-up next week

412 Paulson ave. city lot mural on backside on row house

414 Paulson ave. city lot

15 years no progress.

Ms. Ionadi: Lenora st. city vacant owned lots: 501, 503, 513,515,539,560,564,568,571,629,635,651,657,665,672,675,677,679, why city wont maintain these lots but give citations to privately owned lots

URA owned: 507, 509, 511, 533

Mcdonald st. across from negley run. City lots: 506,513.521,525,529,531. URA owned: 517(nv), 527(nv)

Benefit agreement with city

Same way development is occurring in Lincoln-Larimer, the same thing that occurred lower hill district

Issues with groundhogs

Side lot program- can lease the city owned property

Most of leans on property bought back by city

PCRG- put land in reserve for development of organization

No vacant land turned over to those with tax debts

Development of blighted homes to senior homes 55 and over

Lot on side of Laundromat swapped with city headed towards auburn towers, supposed to help beautify that corner, but no results.

Mikes auto wanted to build school; to educate

empower Lenora st. strip coming from public housing

Larimer Kids against litter

Project for Saturday: Paulson and dodge way. Row Houses-mural on backside wall

Ideas for other projects:

Larimer should be added to 250,000 annual funding which was originally intended for Larimer but given to Lawrenceville

Mr. Wells, Mr. McDaniel’s: clean up lots to promote side yard sells. Build single playgrounds

Ms. Howard (Go to home depot website and find listing and home depot will fund it. Projects like this have occurred on the north side. Very big budget project), little parklets and courts.

Very well needed nowhere for kids to go.

Focus on educational component to accompany project

Mr. Wells: Convert brick structure into recreational centers

Larimer/Meadow- Powerhouse catering get in contact with owner to help open that restaurant

Get in contact with owners of shops and businesses


Proper education for young people in the trades

Approach those with issues of maintenance of their own property


Motion accepted by red up organization be reported to # 311 to same complaints. Make list of URA/city owned lots

416 Paulson ave., permission from city of Pittsburgh to clean up lot. 11 agreed for both motions. Unanimous decision.

Next Thursday June 26- meeting at 6pm 401 Paulson ave.

Meeting adjourned 8:16 pm


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