Community Garden


The transformation of the vacant lots that have become the Larimer Community Garden began with a collaboration of the Larimer Green Team, GTECH Strategies, The Penn State Extension, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.  The Larimer Community Garden is designed to provide the neighborhood with quality open space in which it can meet to form and reaffirm connections.

The Larimer Garden site at its beginning in 2008 (left) and the Garden in 2013 (right)

The Larimer Garden site at its beginning in 2008 (left) and some of the Garden’s thriving planting beds in 2013 (right)

The first step to creating this dynamic public space was a sunflower field.  The sunflowers were used for biofuel and the garden is now home to 40 beds.

Garden With Us

Please contact us at or 412-661-8751 with questions and inquiries.

Download the garden interest form and application here.  Raised beds cost $10 for a season. Gardeners are expected to maintain their planting beds and attend Larimer Garden events.  Gardeners are encouraged and welcome to attend Larimer Green Team meetings.

Resources for Gardeners

Grow Pittsburgh has great resources for Pittsburgh vegetable gardeners and community gardens.



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