Redd Up


Chair: Betty Lane

Join Redd-Up: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 6-7:30pm, Kingsley Association

The Redd-Up Team’s mission is to address blighted and abandoned land in Larimer through clean-ups and developing strategies for beautifying and reactivating vacant land. The phrase “Redd-Up” is commonly used in the Pittsburgh area to mean “tidy” or “clean-up.”

What we are up to: 

The Redd-Up Team is in the process of developing a strategy for the area of Larimer designated by the Larimer Vision to Action Plan as a potential area for urban agriculture.



52Lots is a weekly, year-long project that mobilizes Larimer residents to clean one vacant lot each Saturday for a year.  52Lots believes in the power of neighborhood-driven action and encourages Larimer residents to nominate lots and participate in weekly clean-ups.  Redd-Up is excited to be partnering with 52Lots in this effort.  Read more about 52Lots and see pictures at their website


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