Work & Wellness

The Work & Wellness Action Team’s focus is health, safety, training, jobs & business. To learn more about the Work & Wellness team is and/or to become involved contact Donna Jackson.

Established by the 2007 Larimer Community Plan, the Larimer Work & Wellness Action team’s mission is to grow community members’ capacity to improve their own health and economic situations.  Work & Wellness has partnered with the other four Larimer Action Teams as well as outside organizations, including NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania, East Liberty Family Support, and the Health and Wellness department of the Kingsley Association, to plan and implement workshops, classes, and events focused on healthcare and employment.  These events include a home-buying workshop, a course about fire safety, and events targeting domestic violence prevention.

What are we up to? 

For this upcoming year, Work & Wellness will be working on the 4th annual Larimer Community Health Fair, an event that will connect area residents to health care service and information providers.


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